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May 12, 2018

10 Ideas for Creating a Great Backyard

The blank slate offered by Victoria TX new homes gives buyers the perfect opportunity to create a great backyard that will be the perfect spot to enjoy summer in style. Whether you like to sway in a hammock on a lazy Sunday afternoon or invite the entire block for a barbeque, here are some ways to make your backyard a haven of relaxation:

  1. Fire pit. Putting a fire pit in your backyard can be as easy as buying a prefabricated metal ring or as elaborate as having a landscaped stone fire pit area installed by a professional. Either wayremember to purchase accessories like hot dog roasting sticks and mountain pie irons to get the full benefit of your new feature.
  2. Pool. There’s truly a perfect pool for any backyard. A plastic wading pool is a great start for pets or toddlers, while a luxurious in-ground pool with waterfall and lights will be ideal for entertaining.
  3. Picnic table or patio table. Enjoy dining al fresco from spring through fall. Place your outdoor table where it will receive shade during the hottest parts of the day.
  4. Trellis/arbor/pergola. These structures provide a base for vining plants such as wisteria or honeysuckle, which in turn will create a shady nook for beauty and privacy.
  5. Playhouse/treehouse/swingset. Turn your backyard into a kids’ paradise with accessories just for them.
  6. Porch swing. Not just for porches, these come in a variety of styles and can be situated to allow the best view of your backyard.
  7. Lighting. Spotlights on the backyard can help illuminate nighttime activities, while solar sidewalk lights and string lights create a welcoming, festive atmosphere.
  8. Grill. Who doesn’t love a weekend barbecue? Budget-conscious homeowners can start with a charcoal kettle grill, while weekend warriors might prefer a feature-laden gas grill with all the extras.
  9. Hammock. Perhaps the epitome of backyard relaxation, a hammock can be strung between two trees or installed on its own stand.
  10. Sports area. The flattest part of your yard could be a great place to set up a badminton or volleyball net. If those aren’t for you, try bocce, cornhole or horseshoes.

If you’re ready to find a new home with the perfect backyard for summer fun, contact Steve Klein Custom Homebuilder at 361-572-4101 to see their available VictoriaTX new homes.

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