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"It was clear that you cared about the outcome"

I have known people who have built houses and have said that they would never do it again; by the end of the process, they had developed an adversarial relationship with their builder. Our experience has been completely different. Throughout, we have felt everyone at Steve Klein Custom Builder was our partner in the process; it was clear that you cared about the outcome every bit as much—if not more—than we did. I can’t tell you how many times Marlene and I have commented that we are so blessed to you as our builder. If we had to do it over again, we would certainly use you, and we would enthusiastically recommend you (and have already done so) to others thinking about building a house. Thanks for everything.

Ben & Marlene Pierce

"Best Builder in Victoria"

"We wanted to write this letter to express our feelings about the entire process of building a house with you and your company. You were introduced to us by a Realtor who claimed that you were the "Best Builder in Victoria". Of course, I didn't believe it, so I checked you out. We talked with at least 10 of your recent clients and without exception, you and your company got high marks. Our decision was made, but we had to sell our house first. Without knowing me or my family, you reserved the lot that we wanted on no more than a handshake. When we sold our house and went for our loan, the loan officers gave us the run-around. You personally called and helped free up the logjam. You hooked us up with a first-rate Architect and led us through the hassles of designing a house on a budget and in a hurry. While constructing our house, your people were absolutely first class. Not only were they top craftsmen, but they treated me, and my wife and family with respect. They never forgot whose house it was. Many of them came up with ideas that improved the design of the house for little or no additional money. Larry Kocian stands out in my mind as an extraordinary example of customer focus. The man is simply outstanding. There were very few "problems" and when they did come up, I was surprised at the speed in which they were resolved. What impressed me more was the personal integrity you showed in addressing even the little discrepancies. In every case, the problem was addressed immediately, the right thing was done, and we walked away feeling that we were treated fairly. Our house came in on time, at budget, and with no surprises. Summing it up, I guess its no secret what it takes to be "The Best Builder in Victoria": - Use top quality people to build a top-quality house - Act with integrity - Satisfy the customer Everyone knows what it takes. The difference is that you DO what it takes. The secret is in the execution. You and "your people have lived up to your reputation."

Nancy & Garry Carrier

"What attention to detail"

"We can't believe it has been one year! I don't believe a day has gone by that I haven't said to myself "what a beautiful home we have". Others have commented on what attention to detail and to the 'personality' of our home. We just tell them what a great builder we had. Thanks to you and every man that worked on our home!"

Frank & D'Ann Hurta

"Steve Klein Custom Builder takes pride in their work"

"By having you as our builder, we not only have a quality home but a pleasurable business experience to remember. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you, Larry, and Melissa. Everyone involved with Steve Klein Custom Builder takes pride in their work because it shows in the end results. Thank you for a beautiful home we are proud to own."

Sherry Krogsgaard

"All your people are such a pleasure"

"Well, we've been in our new Klein Home for over two months now and we're thoroughly enjoying it. As you recall, Carol and I said from the start that we'd only build if we could have fun in the process. Well, we certainly did! All your people are such a pleasure to work with: Neal, Larry, Ben, and Aaron come particularly to mind. You are all so focused on making and keeping your clients happy. We're also impressed with your selection of subcontractors since our home included water well, septic, pool, and other non-typical features. Your approach to building homes is a model for anyone wishing to be successful in business and I've taken some of your thoughts with me in my business: know your market, be professional, and delight your customers they're your best salespeople. No wonder you've won so many awards. If we ever build again you can be sure our choice is Steve Klein Custom Builder. Thanks for a wonderful experience."

Jim, Carol, Sara Pesek

"A wonderful experience"

"We are very proud of our home. Thank you all for your special talents, time, and energy you put into our home. It was a wonderful experience working with all of you."

Rick, Patti & Jamie Smith

"We are proud of our decision going with Steve Klein"

"Steve Klein Custom Builder’s team is simply the best. We were first time home buyers and Priscilla Garcia walked through pretty much every step with us. Kameron and I put a lot of trust into Steve Klein’s team and they 100% delivered. They made buying our first home not so scary and more rewarding. We are proud of our decision going with Steve Klein and proud that we now get to live in this beautiful neighborhood. To Steve Klein’s team- thank y’all for everything."

Brendalyn Fojtik

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