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December 16, 2017

Holiday Tips for Decorating Your Mantel

Every year homes in Victoria TX are dressed up for the holidays. One of the most iconic seasonal images is a beautifully decorated fireplace mantel. Use these tips to create a stunning mantel display that reflects your own personal holiday style:

Festoon with Winter Greenery

Clip small boughs of evergreens from your yard or purchase them already cut to line the mantel. Add sprigs of holly or clusters of magnolia leaves for variety. Be careful of draping greenery too low if you plan to build a fire. If you prefer artificial greens, realistic-looking versions are readily available.

Add Natural Accents

An arrangement of fruit is especially appropriate for an Early American look. Try pineapples, apples, pears and citrus fruit, either real or artificial. Consider making aromatic pomander balls by sticking cloves into oranges in decorative patterns. Or search around your yard for decorative twigs or pine cones to accent the greenery.

Create a Focal Point

Mantel decorations look their best when the composition is anchored with a central focal point. This can be a wreath, mirror, painting or large framed photograph hung on the wall, or a sculpture, vase or other object placed on the mantel. The focal point should be noticeably larger than the other decorative objects and placed in the center of the arrangement.

Balance Your Composition

Don’t just throw a random assortment of items on the mantel. Your mantel decorations need not be exactly matching, but aim for a pleasing balance in proportions, size and color. Stand back and view the arrangement from a distance to get a better perception of its balance.

Make a Scene

The mantel is an excellent place to set up a miniature village or manger scene. Your display will be easy to see and enjoy throughout the season.

Light it Up

Battery-powered lights make illuminating your mantel easy and unobtrusive. You can also use electric lights if there is an outlet nearby. Consider using cord channels to hide the wires leading to the outlet.

Add Holiday Embellishments

For a finishing touch, add ribbons, bows, clusters of ornaments, real or artificial flowers and other embellishments. Now you’re ready to show off your mantel! 

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