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June 19, 2018

How to Give Your Bathroom a Designer Look

New homes in Victoria TX offer the perfect backdrop for creating a designer-look bathroom. Here’s how to make your bathroom look like it just had a makeover from a top designer:

  • Decide what kind of ambience you want the bathroom to convey. Would you like it to be a soothing oasis reminiscent of a high-end spa? Or are you looking to create a colorful, fun place for your kids to enjoy?
  • Establish a color scheme that fits the mood and doesn’t clash with the rest of your house. Choose neutral colors for the fixtures and tilework and then add color with paint, wallpaper and accessories. Because of moisture issues, limit wallpaper use to bathrooms and powder rooms with no shower.
  • Your vanity is an opportunity to make a statement. The shape and color of the vanity, along with the choice of countertop and faucet, will go a long way toward helping to create the mood you want.
  • Mirrors can range from understated framed ovals to large Hollywood-style versions for a glam look. Medicine cabinets are available in a range of styles and provide much-needed storage space.
  • Add a touch of luxury with a towel warmer. If you really want to go all out and are prepared for a major renovation, consider installing radiant under-floor heating.
  • Buy the best towels, rugs and bath mats you can afford. Who doesn’t love to step out of the shower onto a thick bath mat and wrap themselves in a fresh, fluffy towel?
  • Keeping a vase of fresh flowers in the bathroom adds a touch of luxury at minimal expense. Change the water daily and remove blooms as soon as they begin to wilt.
  • Attractive glass or ceramic trays, canisters and dispensers elevate the space beyond the average clutter-filled bathroom. Having plenty of enclosed storage space will ensure a clean, calming look.
  • For a finishing touch, hang attractive artwork on the walls. Just be aware that moisture from the shower will eventually damage the paper, so choose inexpensive pieces and rotate them out periodically. Or decorate the walls with unique items such as architectural artifacts.

Looking for a home with a fabulous master bath? Call Steve Klein Custom Builder at 361-572-4101 and make an appointment to tour their new homes in Victoria TX.

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