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February 17, 2018

Pricing Advice for Home Sellers

If you’re in the market for new homes in Victoria TX, you’ll want to sell your current home quickly to get in on this growing market. Here’s some advice to help you properly price your current home to get it sold fast: 

-       Price the house reasonably right from the start. The most buying excitement is generated when a house is first listed and new on the market. You want buyers to see it as a good deal. An inflated price, even if it’s only slightly higher than similar houses in the area, may make your house sit unsold. The longer it sits without selling, the more leery buyers become. Price it well to take advantage of the early momentum.

-       Take your heart out of the equation. You may love your home, but buyers see it as just one of many other homes they’re looking at. Get an objective opinion from a good local real estate agent or compare your home carefully with similar homes in the area before you set the price.

-       Know your local market. Nationwide, home values are expected to increase by about 3% though 2018. However, some areas will see larger increases while others may actually see declines. Find out whether home prices are rising or falling in your neighborhood, and at what rate.

-       Be realistic about recouping the cost of renovations you’ve done. Don’t expect to add the full cost of renovations to the price of the home. Some upgrades pay off better than others, but none add 100% of their value to the home. Check with a real estate agent to find out which renovations add the most value in your neighborhood.

-       If you want to sell fast, consider pricing the house a little on the low side. You may even attract multiple buyers who will have to bid against each other to “win” the house.

-       Use only the most up-to-date information in pricing your home. Old appraisals or the price you paid for the home ten years ago have little to no bearing on its value today.

With your current home on the market and priced right, you’ll be ready to contact Steve Klein Custom Builder at 361-572-4101 to see their new homes in VictoriaTX.

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