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November 5, 2017

Steve Klein Homes Wins 2017 Avid Gold Award

Steve Klein Custom Builder has built a reputation as the leading custom home builder in Georgetown TX. Their affordable luxury homes are consistently recognized as the best among home buyers and within the home building industry.

The company is also dedicated to providing excellent customer service. That commitment was recognized recently by the Avid Ratings service, which awarded Steve Klein its 2017 Gold Award for the U.S. western region custom builder.

The Avid Awards™ honor North American home builders who’ve received the highest scores in customer service from their buyers during a 12-month period. 

The Avid Award Distinction

Avid Ratings is an independent resource for today’s home buyers. With the largest database related to the home buying experience in North America, Avid Ratings offers valuable information related to the customer service that home builders deliver.

A record number of 1,445 builders qualified for the Avid Awards this year, consisting of private, custom and small-volume builders, as well as larger, publicly traded building companies.

The Avid Gold Award given to Steve Klein Custom Builder is based on the highest customer rankings per region. Each year, builders who generate the highest score on the New Home Move-In Experience™ survey (purchasing experience to first 90 days), receive this prestigious award.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Avid Ratings conducts its own customer satisfaction surveys, and verifies surveys that are obtained by third-parties to measure home builder performance. The data it gathers is then used to choose the recipients of its annual awards.

Home builders also provide the feedback (both positive and negative) that they’ve received from customers when qualifying for the Avid Ratings awards.

By providing this data and demonstrating full transparency in their customer feedback, home builders with the highest level of integrity and customer dedication typically rank higher on the Avid Ratings survey than other builders.

Building Communities for Today’s Home Buyers

Steve Klein Custom Builder is proud to receive the 2017 Avid Gold Award. But more importantly, it appreciates the role it plays in helping to build and strengthen local communities.

Today’s home buyers have a wide range of lifestyle, comfort, security, and family needs. That’s why the Steve Klein Custom Builder team has remained committed to delivering luxury homes at affordable prices.

Using the latest design and construction methods, high-quality materials, and customizable floor plans, they continue to meet the changing needs and standards of home buyers while remaining as the leading home builder in Georgetown TX.

If you’d like to learn more about their award-winning customer service, available homes, and the communities where you can find them, contact Steve Klein Custom Builder today.

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