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May 8, 2018

These are the Hottest Trending Home Colors for 2018

Stylish new homes in Victoria TX will be sporting some of the hottest new colors for 2018. Whether you prefer to go bold or subtle, there’s a trendy color that will suit you and your new home.

Bold Colors Lead the Way

While certain neutrals will always be popular (think off-white), there’s been a recent upswing in interest toward bolder, stronger shades. Depending on the colors you choose and how you use them, deep shades can help make your rooms feel energizing, soothing or just more “you.” These are the trendiest bold shades for 2018:

-       Red. The deep red shade called “Caliente” is Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2018. If you’re not ready to paint an entire room red, try using it as an accent color on a single wall or paint it above white or natural wood wainscoting.

-       Hunter green. Perhaps due to the eco-friendly movement, hunter green is rising dramatically in popularity. It reminds us of nature, green grass and trees.

-       Dark blue. Blues are cool and calming, like clear skies, sparkling oceans and comfy jeans. It’s no wonder blue is the color people most often name as their favorite! While shades of blue have long been popular in homes around the world, this year darker shades of the color are on the rise.

-       Purple. This shade is appearing as deep violet, plum and true purple. In fact, Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet. Take note, though–the new purples are darker and richer than last year’s airy lavender and lilac.

Lighter Shades for a Low-Key Look

For those who prefer a lighter palette, several softer colors are on trend for this year:

-       Millennial Pink. A softer tone from the red family, it says “pretty” without being childish or garish.

-       Sage green. This soft grayish green adds a soothing touch of nature to any space.

-       Gray. Various shades of gray are gaining on beige and brown as the go-to neutral. Tones can range from light gray to dark charcoal.

-       Yellow. Associated with sunshine and optimism, yellow can be used as a light-toned neutral or as an accent color when it’s darker, like marigold.

Steve Klein Custom Homebuilder has home designs you can personalize with this year’s top colors. Call 361-572-4101 today to see floor plans for new homes in Victoria TX.

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