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February 10, 2019

Yes, You Can Build a Home in Winter!

Did you know that custom home builders can construct new homes in Victoria TX at any time of the year–even in the winter? Here are 5 reasons why building in the winter can be a good idea.

  1. Shorter completion times. Most buyers don’t realize it’s possible to build homes year-round, so there aren’t as many homes going up in the winter. Your builder most likely has a lighter schedule during this time. He can put more manpower into finishing your house rather than dividing his crews between numerous projects. That means your home could get done faster than it would during the busy season.
  2. Readily available subcontractors. Besides the main construction crew, a homebuilding project relies on subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians to get the job done. These tradespeople are likely to be more available in the winter as well. This helps your home get done even faster. Building permits, inspections and surveying can also be quicker to obtain in the winter.
  3. Focused attention from your builder. During the busy season a home builder is pulled in many different directions. He has to oversee his entire business while fielding calls, texts and emails from numerous customers, subcontractors and suppliers. During the winter he could have more time to talk to you about your home.
  4. Better deals on land during the winter. Few buyers are out looking for building lots during the cold season. Most people wait until spring, which creates more competition and drives up prices. If you buy your land in the winter you’ll be in a better position to bargain with the seller.
  5. Pleasant moving weather. When your house is built in the winter, it will be ready to move into by early spring. You can move while the weather is pleasant. You’ll have all summer to settle in. This also allows landscaping to become established before the dry summer heat sets in or the next winter arrives.

There’s still time to get started on your building project before the busy season starts! Call Steve Klein Custom Builder at 361-572-4101 to learn more about our new homes in Victoria TX.

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